Sightseeing Boat Tours

Shelling Marco Island and Cape Romano Island

Sightseeing Boat Tour in FloridaWalking along the beach picking up sea shells and sea life has been enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world. There is nothing more heartwarming then watching a young child run along the beach for hours on end excitedly pointing out all of the fabulous creatures and sea shells that can be found along the sea shore, and gathering up the sea shells to listen into. With so many miles of shorelines throughout Southwest Florida, all covered with nature’s treasure’s, it would be difficult not find this hobby relaxing and enjoyable.

Marco Island and other near by islands have beautiful white sandy beachs which hold treasures for the sheller who will pick up shells left by the receding waters. As you shell you can watch the numerous sea birds and dolphins play in the surf. Once you have your shells we show you how clean and maintain them for years to come.

Enjoy your  very own private guided shelling tour from Naples, Marco Island, area, we will help you get the best shells that the gulf has to offer.

Enjoy a day co collecting one of a kind shells on several beaches in and around the Marco Island Area.

Boat Tour in Naples, FLLook for beautiful shells on islands that are only accessible by boat. We offer shelling in two area, the Shelling – Eco trip is the Marco Island and Cape Romano area. Both these areas offer the best that Southwest Florida have to offer.

Things you may want to bring with you while you shell , snorkeling gear, water shoes, sun screen, and  bug repellent.

Shells, Shells, Shells!
Collect shells along beaches that can only be accessed by boats. Thousands of shells are just waiting for you. Search for that special shell to add to your collection that you just can’t find along beaches that you drive to by car.

Sightseeing Trips – Eco Tour

Aboard the Border line 11 you can cruise through Gulf of Mexico, the 10,000 islands,in and out of mangrove islands and into the Everglades. Set your sights for a day of experiencing the flora and fauna of Florida’s coastal water ways, river and mangrove islands, estuaries and bays. See dolphins, manatees and sea turtles at play in their natural habitat.

Enjoy a day cruise in and around Mangrove Islands. See and hear the history of The Calusa Indians. See the history of Marco Island and how It got started. Cruise thru The 10,000 Islands to Everglades City and encounter many types of Florida wildlife.

Examine nature up close. Watch beautiful pelicans feed on pods of bait fish. See and take pictures of Osprey, King fishers, Egrets, Rosaspoonbills and chance a spotting of a Bald Eagle along with variety of other wildlife.

Enjoy a relaxing 2- 1/2 hour cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, experience a one of a kind sunsets on your private tour boat. Take photos or just let your mind wonder in the gentle tropical breeze. The green flash is it real ? Yes the green flash is a real phenomena that is seen at sunset. This is when some part of the Sun suddenly changes color (at sunset, from red or orange to green or blue) this sudden appearance and brief duration or color usually last only a second or two. The green flash area often appears to shoot up from the sunset point, this is where you will need to look to see this phenomena.